The Bay Leaf Resturant - Traverse City, MI

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Tuesday -Thursday
4 - 9 pm

Friday -Saturday
4-10 pm

Happy Hour 4 - 6 Daily


The Bay Leaf Cuisine




The Bay Leaf offers what Executive Chef Adam McMarlin calls rustic cuisine. While creating vibrant and elegant plates, the base of his food relies on a respect for the wholesomeness and purity of simple, seasonal ingredients. Utilizing an array of locally sourced products to maintain a farm-to-table style of market freshness, Chef transforms the common into exceptional. This distinct style of elegance through simplicity inspires each dish that leaves The Bay Leaf’s kitchen.


One glance at the menu and it is clear that the cuisine at The Bay Leaf is largely influenced by European culinary styles, as much of Chef’s professional training and personal style developed under his mentor, Chef Olivier Bioteau. To the casual diner, certain phrases may appear foreign, to one more experienced, exciting. Regardless, the flavors are amplified due to Chef’s respect for individual ingredients, and his passion for keeping food simple and honest. All of Chef’s cuisine stems from and is infused with basic, natural ingredients using fundamental yet dynamic techniques. This passion for food which pulses through The Bay Leaf is apparent in each dish Chef presents.


Part of Chef’s inspiration for cooking comes from the desire to open people’s minds to the new and different; to offer an experience while eating and to create food that people will not only enjoy, but learn to appreciate. Guests at The Bay Leaf can feel comfortable exploring Chef’s cuisine and trust in the purity and energy that lies behind each dish. The plate’s presentations are humble, the food is genuine, and the results are stunning.


It is simple, pure, rustic.