The Bay Leaf Resturant - Traverse City, MI

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Tuesday -Thursday
4 - 9 pm

Friday -Saturday
4-10 pm

Happy Hour 4 - 6 Daily






Dennis Fitzpatrick opened The Bay Leaf in December of 2010 as General Manager with owner Dan Kelly and Executive Chef Adam McMarlin. A successful entrepreneur and business owner, Dennis’ true passion lies with wines, inspiring The Bay Leaf’s extensive wine list which Dennis thoughtfully created. Dennis' role today is that of BayLeaf wine consultant, and he's responsible for providing a delectable array of vintners and vintages to the delight of discerning Bay Leaf customers.

Born and raised in Michigan, Dennis’ passion for entrepreneurship began in college when he began his first business venture. Soon after in the early seventies, a position as assistant manager with a grocery store led to the unexpected opportunity to partake in wine distribution. Dennis’ love of wines and discerning palate quickly catapulted him through the industry. 

Combining his business and wine knowledge, Dennis shot up to management in his distribution company, before becoming a partner in Wicksall Distributors. After selling his share he fulfilled a long-standing dream and opened his own wine shop in Traverse City, Michigan, Wine Country Market. Here he continued to explore the world of wine and bring it to the public in his characteristically knowledgeable and friendly way. 

After selling his wine shop, Dennis began consulting for local restaurants, creating unique wine lists to pair with individual cuisines. A friendship with Dan Kelly and a need to fill restaurant space in downtown Traverse City led to The Bay Leaf, where Dennis continues his business and wine expertise. Come visit Dennis at The Bay Leaf and he will be happy to pair any of Executive Chef Adam McMarlin’s cuisine with an exceptional glass of wine.